Care and stain removal


Care and stain removal enhances the long-lasting beauty of your stone

Bartels Concrete and Marble Works, care and cleaning  agentsP 21: a wax which forms a protective layer on the surface, similar to shoe polish. We recommend applying the wax once or twice per year. In places where grease-removing cleaning agents are used regularly, the protective layer disappears quicker. P 21 is ideal for marble and limestone surfaces on washstand counter tops, window sills, covers and fireplaces.

Fleckstop: this invisible, hydrophobic agent seals the capillary system on the surface of the stone and delays the penetration of liquids. Fleckstop should offer ten years of protection. Nevertheless, we recommend applying the product every five years. This product is designed for use on marble and granite in both exterior and interior areas. It offers excellent basic protection against damp and grease stains, but is not resistant to acids.
As a result of this, P 21 should also be applied to marble! Given that granite is acid-resistant, Fleckstop is enough to provide sufficient protection.

Colour intensifier: gives the stones an intense wet look.

Floor wash: to be added to water for cleaning marble and granite flooring. As with everything that is cared for properly, the stone maintains its natural beauty for longer.

Basic cleaner: acid-free i.e. MM Basic Cleaner by Stingel, acid-free version also suitable for marble.

Emergency stain removal

Grease stains on unprotected stone surfaces can be reduced
by using the oil and grease removing paste by Akemi, for instance.
Bartels Concrete and Marble Works, care and cleaning agents
For the removal of coffee, tea, nicotine and other stains on marble surfaces,
a stain remover for marble can be used, such as those supplied by FILA.
Bartels Concrete and Marble Works, care and cleaning agents
Dyckerhoff Bio Intensive Cleaner
Bartels Concrete and Marble Works, care and cleaning agents

Rub lemon on granite surfaces to remove fruit juice stains. Warning: do not use on marble!

Use acetone to remove tar, oil paints, nail varnish and oil.

Treat blood, grass, fruit, fruit juice and red wine stains with hydrogen peroxide.

Rub alcohol on turpentine stains.

Rub ammonia solution on coffee, tea, glue and ink.

Please take caution when removing stains and always carry out a test in an inconspicuous area first. No guarantee is offered.

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