Stairs and stair cladding of natural stone


Stairs and stair cladding

Interior and exterior stair cladding is a fundamental part of your residential requirements.
For outdoor areas, it needs to be sturdy and safe, and therefore rough. Inside, smoother surfaces can be used, such as matt burnished or even glossy polished designs. In such cases, however, we recommend adding a bush-hammered or sand-blasted strip along the front edge of the step to act as a protective step guard.

House entry steps function as the passageway into your home. Always in use, whether summer or winter. In rain, hail or shine.
They need to look good, whilst ensuring a safe step and resistance against frost and salt. This is why we recommend our hardest stone - granite. In order to provide an anti-slip grip, the surface needs to be rough. This is what we refer to as flamed. Flaming can be carried out on practically all kinds of granite and similar stones. However, the aesthetic result on some types leaves a lot to be desired. On the other hand, others only unveil their true beauty with the rough surface. These are the kinds we store in our warehouse - we'd be happy to show you!

Travertine Ivory - interior stairs, filled and burnished.

Travertine Ivory - interior stairs

filled and burnished

Zora red - block step, flamed.

Zora red - block step


Nero Afrika - circular exterior landing, flamed surface.

Nero Afrika - circular exterior landing

Flamed surface

Shivakashi - stairway step, antique finish.

Shivakashi - stairway step

antique finish

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