Stone veneer


Stone veneer

Stone veneer consists of a chipped layer of natural stone and a substrate made of polyester with glass fibre. This ensures sturdiness, shape stability and flexibility.
The light weight and simple processing of our stone veneer offer applications which were previously only possible with arduous and expensive measures using natural stone. Given the unique character of this natural product, colour and structure vary from piece to piece, lending the material its natural charm - every stone is a one-off!

Our stone veneer offers a variety of advantages:

  • Stone veneer is light in weight. It is therefore easy to transport and handle.
  • Good stability is achieved through the penetration of polyester into the material.
  • The range of possible surface impregnations makes stone veneer ideal for numerous applications.
  • It is easy to cut, saw and drill. DIY tools are usually sufficient.
  • Adhesive systems are available for many applications.
  • Upon request, some types can be supplied in large format up to 250 x105 cm.

Technische Details:

  • The material thickness of stone veneer is approx. 1.2 to 1.4 mm. It consists of approx. 0.4 mm of natural stone on the surface and approx. 0.80 mm of polyester with fibreglass.
  • Its weight per m2 is approx. 1.5 kg.
  • The standard format is 1220 x 610 mm, or piece sizes thereof, such as 60 x 30 cm.
  • Water absorption on the unsealed surface is +2.50%.
  • Stone veneer is resistant to frost.
  • It can be easily handled using stone or wood working tools.
  • As with practically every natural stone, surface impregnation is recommended.
  • It should be cleaned using the standard products for natural stone - please note that no acidic or strong degreasing products should be used.
  • Dimensional tolerances are +/- 3 mm in length and width, as well as right angles – nevertheless, these limits are not generally utilised.
Stone-veneer - Regent Grey Stone-veneer - Regent Grey

Regent Grey

Reminiscent of the colour of a Rolls Royce - subtle and stylish. The surface has a scar-like appearance. An extremely elegant coloured slate.

Stone-veneer - Silver Grey Stone-veneer - Silver Grey

Silver Grey

This silver-grey shimmering mica slate is the lightest in this range. Like all mica slates, this model presents an aligned structure.

Stone-veneer - Exeter Stone-veneer - Exeter


Medium-grain mica slate with a grey-green colour scheme. The scarred structure reflects a beautiful notion of depth.

Stone-veneer - Leyland Grey Stone-veneer - Leyland Grey

Leyland Grey

Medium to coarse-grain mica slate with grey-green tones. The surface is often heavily scarred and therefore has a striking appearance.

Stone-veneer - Yorkshire Green Stone-veneer - Yorkshire Green

Yorkshire Green

A medium to coarse-grain mica slate. Like many slates of this kind, it has a green to green-grey colour scheme. Red inclusions from iron and ferric oxide bring vitality to the green-grey tones.

Stone-veneer - Cavendish Green Stone-veneer - Cavendish Green

Cavendish Green

Yorkshire Green’s brother. Here, too, inclusions such as iron and ferric oxide can be seen, albeit on a smoother structure. Darker structures with shadow effects are also typical.

Stone-veneer - Copper Stone-veneer - Copper


Medium to coarse-grain mica slate with a fascinating array of colours in red and brown tones and streaks of dark inclusions. It should also be noted here that the structure, direction and colour of this unique natural product can vary considerably.

Stone-veneer - New Copper Stone-veneer - New Copper

New Copper

Copper’s brother. It is distinguished by its fine to medium grain size. The colour tone is slightly darker and the structure is somewhat finer.

Stone-veneer - Velvet Stone-veneer - Velvet


With its changing brown to brown-red tones, this coloured slate looks like velvet.

Stone-veneer - Shangrila Stone-veneer - Shangrila


Grey, violet and green dominate this coloured slate, in which the vagaries of nature are mirrored.

Stone-veneer - Blue Orchid Stone-veneer - Blue Orchid

Blue Orchid

Manganese, ferric oxide and other ingredients from Earth's kitchen united to create this wonderfully expressive design. Black, red-brown and violet lend the model extra special flair.

Stone-veneer - Mariposa Stone-veneer - Mariposa


A striking coloured slate. Although the dominating background tone is dark, the surface layer conveys a welcoming effect.

Stone-veneer - Avatar Stone-veneer - Avatar


Like Mariposa, this model is anthracite with rust-coloured, bright structures. However, it has a somewhat calmer effect than Mariposa.

Stone-veneer - Black Slate Stone-veneer - Black Slate

Black Slate

The scaly structures on this anthracite-coloured stone are clearly recognisable, giving optical depth.

Stone-veneer - Puro Stone-veneer - Puro


The dark version of Black Slate. The colour and tonal value scheme is even more constricted here. Like Black Slate, the structure can, however, vary considerably.

Stone-veneer - Desario Stone-veneer - Desario


The coloured slate in the colours of the desert. Beige to grey. Most slates have a warm aura.

Stone-veneer - Sulfur Stone-veneer - Sulfur


This stone has little to do with sulphur, although its colours are reminiscent of the hot springs in the north of Iceland.

Stone-veneer - Fleur Stone-veneer - Fleur


Light grey with sprinklings of colour in varying levels of intensity. The flat structure of the slate layers creates optical depth.

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