Kitchen work surfaces


Kitchen work surfaces

Kitchen worktops made of stone are the best option for beautiful and simultaneously robust work surfaces. They add a sophisticated final touch to every kitchen.
We have more than 60 types of hard stone polished and matt burnished surfaces in our warehouse. This enables us to demonstrate the special colours, structures and other unique characteristics of these natural stones, even on large surfaces.

A recent addition to our range is presented by the antiqued surface series. In order to create this effect, the natural stone slab surface is firstly sand-blasted or flamed. Next, it is brushed with increasingly finer machine heads until a silky smooth surface is achieved.

Our kitchen worktops are only available in specialist shops (in Northern Germany, over 150 kitchen stores belong to our clientele). We are your first stop for all your kitchen worktop queries.
The website presents many of the materials you can view, touch and contemplate first-hand at our plant.

Alongside classic natural stone materials, we also process quartz composites such as Silestone, Cosentino, Zodiak, Du Pont, Santa Margherita, Technistone, Engineering Stone, TecStone and others.

From the beginning of 2010, a porcelain ceramic, Keramika, has also been part of our range.
Keramika is an entirely natural product, produced using the same raw materials as standard porcelain crockery. It is completely food safe, and fungi and bacteria cannot penetrate the surface. In addition to not being flammable, Keramika is abrasion-proof and scratch-resistant.

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