Polygonal slabs of natural stone


Polygonal slabs

Polygonal means multi-edged. Therefore, polygonal slabs are multi-edged tiles without a standard size or shape. The thickness varies within each batch, and even single tiles can have different thicknesses. Nevertheless, we do stipulate a thickness range in each sorting grade, for instance thickness 2 - 5 cm or 3 - 4cm. Of course, this depends on the material and the quality of the sorting.
Usually, the larger the slab, the thicker it will be. Exceptions do exist to this rule, however, and giant-format slabs are available in thin sortings (see Kavala – we stock polygonal slabs up to 1 square metre in our warehouse).
Polygonal slabs are used for paths, terraces and stepping stones.

Polygonal slabs - Porphyry

Porphyry - polygonal slabs

85 kg/m², standard size 15 45 cm, thickness 2 5 cm

Large format
110 kg/qm, size 30 60 cm, thickness 3 7 cm

Surface rough-cleaved on both sides

Polygonal slabs - Sikis

Sikis - polygonal slabs

8 12 units/m², thickness 2 3 cm
Rough-cleaved surface

Polygonal slabs - Kavala

Kavala - polygonal slabs

7 9 units/m², thickness 2 3 cm
Rough-cleaved surface

Solnhofener - polygonal slabs

Polygonal format, limestone
Thickness approx. 2 – 2.5 cm or
Thickness approx. 3.5 – 5 cm

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